Adoption Miracles

glam! sneak peak!

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Do you need a bit of glam in your life?? Who doesn’t? Aunt Colors’ has a solution just for you! These beautiful headbands bring home the sweetest little girl to her loving family!  Lydiah! You can read about her family here!

This damask black and white rosette is pinned onto an elastic headband! Nestled in the flower is a Swarovski crystal. Just one in this case for a hint of glam and sparkle. This lovely headband will go with anything.
Want to buy it? This headband and more will be available at Aunt Colors’ etsy shop coming THIS FRIDAY!! Click our badge to the right! And grab a beautiful batch/button for your blog too! 😀 They are so pretty! My sister (Breanna) is totally awesome! 😀


add this badge to your blog

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here are the html for this badges:


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<a href=””><img title=”Picture 45″ src=”; alt=”” width=”192″ height=”130″ /></a>

copy and paste above html into your generic ‘text’ widget.

for troubleshooting please email

a new day

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I’m am so completely excited to announce to you…. a new plan… a new thing…

We are happy to be sponsoring a family who is adopting a beauty Addison from ukraine who is moments away from being put into an institution because she can’t speak.

Well. I have loads to say.

As most of you have seen on facebook I’ve been sewing like crazy!

So I had considered an etsy store since like week 3 of sewing. I’m on week 10 and to date have made over 70 outfits/items!

I talked to my sisters lots. Really resisted. Until it hit me…. Or the Lord reminded me. That He had laid on my heart last year…. To be prepared for serving orphans. Somehow. I knew it would be creatively.  He reminded me.

So after loads of research and a hearty blessing from kustomkids (my pattern designer) we  opened Aunt Colors Shop on etsy!

Be sure to like our facebook page to keep in the loop! 🙂

oh and you never know what surprises may hold on our blog! Please stick around here as well!

And if you are touched by this as much as I am! Go ahead and donate to the Allen Family! I’m sure that you will be Blessed!


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it’s about time for another don’tcha think?

this one i am so excited about!

these are natural wooden beads nestled in yummy fabrics… hand sewn snug as a bug in a rug…
shabby chic slightly frayed ends stay tied together. simply slip your bracelet on and off… fits like a bangle.

i have a feeling this might be my son’s favorite chew toy! 🙂 and i can wear it as jewelry!!

here’s how this works:

you send me $1 (or give me $1 in person) and i’ll enter your name into the pot 1 time to win this set of 3 bangles pictured above.

send me $5 and i will enter it 5 times. 🙂 easy math – that’s what i’m about.

ALL $$ given goes directly to orphaned no more to aid bringing isabella home!

they are short $3,000 which has to be paid before they can bring miss izzy home! our effort could really go a long way here!!

God bless you as you join us  in blessing others!

i’m so excited to do this giveaway for you and can’t wait to find out who wins!!

** give away ends saturday, january 8th. winner will be announced sunday, january 9th**

felt house GIVE AWAY!

Posted in giveaway, international by breanna on November 18, 2010
12.5.10 update: over $1,200 raised!!!!!!!!
11.18.10 update: already raised enough to serve 500 meals uganda!! keep it up ya’ll! you’re awesome!

i can not begin to express how excited i am.

it’s done!!!!!!

the most fun thing i’ve EVER made. seriously.

this could be yours!!!

by donating now – i will pass along 100% (less paypal fees) of your donations to amazima ministry supporting katie davis in uganda. read her blog here.

you MUST read this post of mine too: amazima ministry and katie davis

here’s how:

every $15 you donate using the below paypal button enters your name in the pot ONE time! example: donate $60 and your name will be entered FOUR times.

also, IF you donate, let me know that you shared this link on facebook, your blog, or twitter and your name will be entered an additional time!

think of what we can do!!!! every 20 – $15’s donated (through the paypal button below) sends ONE child in uganda to school with school uniform, 2 hot meals a day, and school supplies  for one year!

they also feed hundreds of people a day. $15 serves 100 meals!

**if you would like 100% of your $15 to go to amazima, please paypal $15.74 which includes paypal fees.

sunday dec. 5th at midnight is the cut off for donating. winner will be announced monday december 6th.

questions: email me at and i will answer your question asap.

To help

Posted in fundraiser by heathermama on September 21, 2010

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA. I have so many wonderful dreams for this organization… for now… I know you are dying to help! So here is another way to reach out! It’s not much!

christmas miracles

Posted in bulgaria, fundraiser by breanna on August 12, 2010

what’s up with the christmas theme? yep. we’re crazy and dreaming of snow and cold winter days as we sweat our lives away in this unreal summer heat!

no seriously, christmas is on our hearts. amanda and tim visited bulgaria and met mihail and glory. they came home with many other children heavy on their hearts. what is heavy on their hearts, is also heavy on ours.

there are four orphanages in bulgaria that we would LOVE your help making a christmas miracle for. amanda and tim will be traveling back to bulgaria to pick up glory and mihail near christmas time and would love to shower them with fun, practical, useful gifts with your help!

so the focus??? christmas. the recievers? those lovely children left behind.

help me???

for starters: let’s shop!

we’ve got lots up our sleeves with so many lil elf helpers. will you join us? if you are near us, come shopping. if you aren’t, well we’ll miss ya and you can pray about how you can bless this lil operation we’ve got going on here.

blessings to you!


God’s lil elf

Giveaway! :) KelseaBee’s Lotions and Balms: updated

Posted in giveaway by heathermama on June 30, 2010

It’s my PLEASURE to announce that within MINUTES of posting this item, This wonderful set has been spoken/donated for!

Be BLESSED and thank you for looking! and please feel free to donate! 🙂 I will be posting more items soon!


My dear, sweet, friend, Kelsea, passed away last year. She used to make these lovely lotions and balms. Her husband was so generous to give us the recipes to carry on her memory! My sister makes them now and I am so grateful! She made up a sample batch JUST FOR YOU!

Donate right now and I’ll ship this out to you! 🙂 This kit is valued at over $30! And it’s yours if you are the first to donate for this sweet family to bring home their children! Their first trip is coming up soon! Every $1 adds up!

Ethan (my 10yo boy) asked me if $3 was enough to give them and if it would help! I said if everyone we knew donated $3 they would have so much! It only takes a little!

Here is a list of all that is included!

Tinted Minty Lip Balm

Minty Lip Balm

Whipped Shea Backache

Beeswax Balm

Renew Balm

Calendula Balm

Pearl Lotion

And  a pretty picture! 🙂 I know you will enjoy these so much! They are our favorite products!

Garage sale!

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My SIL is throwing this fabulous garage sale!

Hello FB friends-

A friend of mine, Amanda and her husband, Tim Drost are currently in the process of adopting 2 children from Bulgaria. Tim and Amanda have already adopted 2 sweet and adorable children from Ukraine.

Adoption is a gift from God!! Unfortunately, it’s expensive. We will be hosting a garage sale (location and date to be announced at a later date) to help the Drost family pay fees for adoption and help bring TWO precious children to their forever families!!!

Can you help? Do you have items to get rid of?

In order to make this garage sale a HUGE success, we need LOTS of donations. We so appreciate your donations of items. When deciding what to donate, please consider donating DESIRABLE, not junky items. Please make sure clothing is not soiled, ripped, holey, etc… and that items are in working order. 😉

Suggested Items to donate:

Baby Items (clothing, toys, books, baby gear, etc.)
Children’s toys, games, and clothing.
Sporting Goods
Desirable household items
Adult clothing (not too outdated and no holes please 😉
Anything else you feel someone would want to buy!

Please check out the two children who is waiting to come home to Oskaloosa, Iowa.

PLEASE spread the word around! We will be accepting donations from now till July 17th. Drop off location and time-please email Chelsea Doak here on Facebook for more info. Thank you!

Start Time:
Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 12:00am
End Time:
Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 11:30pm
*will be announced at a later date*

Please post a comment here with any questions, I will forward them on!

Thanks for all you are doing to get these beautiful children home!

Remember every penny counts. Donate in our side bar! Even $2 is welcome! Send what you have and it will multiply! 😀


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Goes by so fast! Remember our goal here is to help this wonderful family get home! I’m working on a few more giveaways! I’m really excited about all of them! Please keep an eye out! and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!